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Graphics cards

Operating System

Geforce RTX 30 Series All Download
Geforce RTX 20 Series All Download
Geforce 16 Series All Download
Geforce 10 Series All Download

Geforce 700 Series
(Including GT 730 64Bit ➀)

All Download
Geforce GT 730 128Bit ➁ Windows 10 64-bit Download
Windows 10 32-bit Download
Windows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8.1 32-bit
Windows 8 32-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit Download
Windows Vista 32-bit Download
Windows XP Download
Windows XP 64-bit Download
Linux 64-bit Download
Linux 32-bit Download
Linux 32-bit ARM Download
Solaris x86/x64 Download
FreeBSD x86 Download
FreeBSD x64 Download
Geforce GT 610 All Download
Geforce GT 420 All Download
Geforce 200 Series All Download
AMD Series All Download

(Related PN: ➀ AF730-1024D5L3; AF730-2048D5L4; AF730-1024D3L3-V2; AF730-1024D3L3-V3; AF730-2048D3L3-V2; AF730-2048D3L3-V3; AF730-4096D3L3-V2)
(Related PN: AF730-4096D3L2; AF730-1024D3L7-V1; AF730-2048D3L4-V1; AF730-2048D3L6; AF730-4096D3L5; AF730-4096D3L6; AF730-2048D5H5;
AF730-4096D5H5; AF730-2048D3L2; AF730-4096D3L3; AF730-2048D3L7; AF730-2048D3L8; AF730-4096D3L4; AF730-4096D3L8)

BIOS update on AFOX graphics card is not supported by end user. AFOX is not responsible for any consequences caused by flashing unverified BIOS.
(Please refer to AFOX Warranty Policy 5.2)


Drivers/Bios Download for AFOX Motherboard

Motherboard Drivers Download Optional Bios Download(PLC Needed)
Intel H610 Download Download
AMD B550 Download Download
AMD A520 Download Download
AMD X470 Download Download
AMD B450 Download Download
AMD A320 Download Download
AMD A780S Download Download
Intel H510 Download Download
Intel H470 Download Download
Intel H310C Download Download
Intel B250 Download Download
Intel H110 Download Download
AMD A88 Download Download
AMD A78 Download  
Intel B85 Download  
Intel H81 Download Download
Intel B75 Download Download
Intel H55 Download Download
Intel H61 Download Download
Intel G41 Download Download